Welcome to the documentation of hass-apps!

This is a collection of useful apps to empower Home Assistant even more.

The apps are built on top of the AppDaemon framework. Each has its own, detailled documentation and includes a sample configuration. Read the Getting Started chapter and start empowering your smart home.

Active and stable apps:

  • Schedy - The most powerful scheduler for everything from lighting to heating

Deprecated apps that will be removed:

  • None at the moment.

Request for donations disabled due to maintenance mode


I work on this project in my spare time, as many free software developers do. And of course, I enjoy this work a lot. There is no and will never be a need to pay anything for using this software.

However, if you want to honor the hundreds of hours continuously spent with writing code and documentation, testing and providing support by donating me a cup of coffee, a beer in the evening, my monthly hosting fees or anything else embellishing my day a little more, that would be awesome. If you decide doing so, I want to thank you very much! Please be assured that I’m not presuming anybody to donate, it’s entirely your choice.

paypal-recurring Ensure ongoing development and support with a monthly donation, no matter how small.

paypal-once Or make an one-time donation.

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Getting Help


If you run into any issue, first consult the documentation thoroughly.

A notable amount of work has gone into it and most aspects should be covered already. When this didn’t help you’re welcome to e.g. ask in the Home Assistant Community.

When encountering something that seems to be a bug, please open an issue on GitHub and attach complete logs with debug: true set in the app’s configuration illustrating the issue. You won’t receive help otherwise.


You are welcome to contribute your own apps for AppDaemon to this project. But please don’t submit a pull request without talking to me first. This is because there is currently no developer documentation on how to integrate properly with the environment provided by hass-apps and I want to save you the hassle of re-designing your app after it’s already written.

If you’ve got an interesting idea for a new app you’d like to contribute, just open an issue on GitHub and we can discuss it there.

All contributions are subject to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. Don’t contribute if you don’t agree with that.