As with every software, hass-apps and its dependencies need to be upgraded regularly in order to get the latest fixes, security updates, feature additions and enhancements that are incorporated every now and then.

Upgrade in Hass.io or Docker

When you followed the tutorial for Installation in Hass.io or Installation in Docker and decided for automatic upgrading, you don’t need to do anything. Just ensure that your configuration stays compatible with the new hass-apps versions and restart the AppDaemon container (or the add-on in case of hass.io) from time to time.

If you explicitly decided for a specific version of hass-apps, change the version number in the requirements.txt file you once created (or the add-on settings) to the latest one and restart AppDaemon.

Upgrade Manually

When you’ve installed hass-apps using the Manual Installation method, simply repeat the procedure from step 3 onwards in order to upgrade.


AppDaemon doesn’t detect changes in the imported modules automatically and needs to be restarted manually for the upgrade to take effect.