Schedy provides a concept for collecting statistical data about its operation at runtime.

The statistical parameters you can collect depend on the actor type used. A switch actor, for instance, obviously doesn’t support measuring temperature differences. What parameters are available can be found in the individual actor documentations.

What’s common among all parameters is that they create a new entity in Home Assistant, named schedy_stats.<app name>_<parameter instance name>. The state of these entities is always the empty string "" and thus irrelevant, but their attributes are of interest. The names and meanings of attributes generated by a specific parameter type can be found in its documentation. You may then use normal Home Assistant automations to react to changes of the individual entity attributes.

A simple statistics configuration with a single instance of the temp_delta parameter, which is provided by the thermostat actor type, might look as follows:

  # Pick an arbitrary name for the parameter instance.
    # The type of parameter as found in the actor'S documentation.
    type: temp_delta
    # More parameter-specific settings:

Given that the name of your Schedy app instance is heating, this would create an entity named schedy_stats.heating_upstairs_temp_delta with the attributes min, avg and max.